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Weinan Teachers College library was founded in 1978,consist of the new campus library and the south campus branch libraries and Xiyue campus branch libraries , a total construction area of 30381 square meters. The agency has set the ministry of construction and the literature service department, office and other part 2, 1 office;A curator 1 person, deputy curator 4 people. The current library staff of 60, senior title 20 people, intermediate title 11 people.

Our cumulative paper collection of 2.02million books, accept the famous American linguist John Reagan DuoCi give English "American encyclopedia", "big The British encyclopedia "and so on, more than 80 kinds of books plan more than 152 volumes of books; Hong Kong and the chairman, national book han Chinese people's political consultative conference ShiJingYi had given several times from Mr. 6276 books Book value, more than 50 of ten thousand yuan. With normal education for library collection features, and the others are all, printing and digital document type both; 2 sets of photocopy the four books "And relatively rich" huashan culture ", "the place such as sima qian and history documents. There are 459 thousand electronic books, the more than 10000 kinds of digital journal.There are a variety of foreign language database 25, 24567 audio and video data, there are 1049 kinds of newspapers and periodicals in foreign languages.Has been formed to normal education as the key point, with professional characteristic collection system.Collection to implement GDLIS NET system, the automation integrated management All the free access to the purchase, Tibetan, borrow,, reading and the integration of management mode; the consultation Is knowledge network service level 2 station CNKI, ten thousand party data service prefecture service center. library Homemade web content has become an indispensable part of college web page, tsinghua full-text electronic journals and ten thousand party database and online lecture hall into campus network, the user All can through the Internet access.

In recent years, the library into learning practice the scientific concept of development, closely around the overall interests of the work of "strengthen the service consciousness, advocates the idea of harmony", to broaden the service brought Domain, and strive to improve service quality, in line with all the tenet of service for readers, from the reader service, business management, improve the quality and improve the level of service, The construction of the harmonious unity modern library, various aspects work has the best performance.Had twice been shaanxi provincial department of education in shaanxi province "by the university library advanced collective" title DuoCi was rated as "serves for the teaching of advanced collective", "advanced group and the highest of the poor activities" best unit "; Have more than 60 people Provinces, college of education workers as advanced.